Thursday, October 18, 2007

And the Award Goes To...

The jaded old Guv'ner is feeling all shiny and new, thanks to the bodaciously, sex goddessly splendid Miss Catherinette Singleton who knows a thing or two about fabulosity when she sees it. Apparently, I have reached the rank of "fabulous" and coming from the Queen that's quite an honor, let me tell you. Looky at mah awawd. Ain't it peachy?

I would like to pay it forward, as it were, to the following lovelies (excluding those already bestowed with the honor naturally - one can have too much fabulous in one's life after all): Miss KAT ROCKET, Ms. Lady Who Doesn't Lunch, Monsieur The Idea of Progress, Ms. Leonesse, Ms. Adventures in Self, Ms. Gizmorox and Herr Radloff. Basically everyone I know is fabulous, so there.

Naturally, Pistols is already in possession of the fabulous award and Bert and T. are way beyond the fabulous stage and too busy polishing their balls to bother with such nonsense. Sheesh!